LEJI 1661 Police Station Review

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The 1661 police station of Leji was reproduced perfectly and comes with the police car. The parts felt good and fit together as "LEGO" tight.

Leji molded a lot of new parts, and the tolerances are not bad. The Quality of the bricks is very good and they had no missing pieces, only 2 pieces were not correctly molded. There were some bushes included (12pcs) that are not mentioned in the instructions, so some extra pieces you can use.

Police Station uses a lot of new building methods and a lot of snot skills, such as the eaves of the donut shop on the first floor and the eaves of the main entrance on the first floor. , The left and right corner exterior walls on the second and third floors, the water dispenser, the roof on the right on the third floor, and the jailbreak details on the first floor are also great. The saplings at the door also use brand new gear parts, which are generally a very worth buying set.

Leji's paper instruction is always good in my opinion. They are thick and clear. However, this year due to reducing costs, and have also undergone a large compression step. The original drawings of about 3,000 blocks require at least 200 pages. But Leji only has 120 pages this time. In many cases, one step requires building a lot of bricks. This is also a tiny problem. Generally speaking, it is not bad. After all, the price is so affordable.

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