Gundam Robot  RX 78-2

K80 MOC Series 1/60 Scale Perfect Gundam Robot RX 78-2


Gundam 1:60 RX 78-2 Building

Pieces: 3500pcs+


    Gundam is a fictional weapon that appears in the “Gundam Series”. One of the man-operated humanoid robot weapons “Mobile Suit” (MS). First appeared in the 1979 TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam”.

    One of the prototypes developed by the "Earth Federation Army", one of the military forces under construction, and the boarder of the main character "Amuro Rei". It features a V-shaped blade antenna on the forehead and a compound-eye sensor camera that imitates the human eye, and is more human-like than other MSs. These features became the basis of the “Gundam Type” that will appear in subsequent series. It has a performance that surpasses many of the MS of the “Zeon Principality” which is an enemy, and combined with the growth of the pilot Amuro, raises the legendary battle result in the “One Year War”.

    Usually, the aircraft called “Gundam” refers to the white, red, and blue tricolor aircraft (model number: RX-78-2) on which Amuro rides. It was set that several identical machines with different color schemes and some specifications were developed for works.

    • 1:60 scale with fantastic details.
    • Gundam figure is fully posable, with articulation at the shoulders, head, elbows, hips, knees, fingers, and feet.
    • Equip with a beam gun.
    • Custom Gundam RX 78-2 is approximately 60cm high, 31cm wide and 4cm long.
    • Comes with a 18cm x 18cm base stand.
    • This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 3,500 pieces.


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